Friday, July 3, 2015

Gilgit Baltistan: Anti Bonji Dam Drive in Baltistan

 Anti Bonji Dam Drive in Baltistan
Rondu Dam Action Committee organized a protest rally against the proposed 7,100 MW Bunji Hydroelectric Project being built in the Rondu Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan. 
Hundreds of people came out on the streets in Rondu to demand renaming of the proposed Bonji Dam. The protesters said that the dam is being constructed in Rondu but it is being called Bonji dam, which is unjust and likely to deprive the residents of Rondu, Baltistan.
 Chairman Dam Action Committee Muhammad Ibrahim spoke during the protest demonstration that around 47 kilometers area of Rondu Valley will be caused to submerge the dam. He threatened to oppose construction of the dam if demands of Ronduvians were not met.

Manzoor Parwana Chairman GBUM added that “the people of Rondu would not even allow govt to build a small lake in the area let alone a mega dam”. With the construction of the Bunji dam, the historic town of Shingus, Chhamachu,Yulbo and Subsar would be severely damaged including partial flooding of the area and the loss of traditional lands rich in minerals and precious stones. Local residents would also be deprived of grazing grounds .He said that around 30,000 people from Rondu will be displaced after construction of the dam.

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