Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gilgit Baltistan:Press freedom situation is worst .

20 March 2009

Manzoor Hussain Parwana ,Chairman GBUM urged President Asif Ali Zardari and the rest of the Pakistan government to make it one of their priorities to defend press freedom in Gilgit Baltistan. Accompanied by representatives of Gilgit Baltistan United Movement on 20 March 2009 at the occasion of his attendance in the court of session judge Parwana addressed the press at Skardu.

“The press freedom situation is getting worse in Gilgit Baltistan and it is the government’s duty to reverse this disturbing trend,” Parwana said. “The country cannot continue to develop and progress towards democracy without a free and independent press. The president and his government must get fully involved in this issue and must take measures that give journalists more freedom to work.

“As long as the monthly journal Kargil International is banned and the editor and the publisher of the magazine has booked in sedition charges on criticized the policies of general ® Musharaf sine 2004.
The editor of the magazine, Engineer Manzoor Hussain Parwana and publisher Ghulam Shehzad Agha rejected the charges and said: “Instead of ensuring basic rights to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, the government is humiliating and harassing them.”

The journalists must be freed from the case as soon as possible. They committed no crime and this case, which has been marred by judicial irregularities, is a grave stain on Pakistan’s image. Parwana Added.

Manzoor Hussain Parwana
Chairman Gilgit Baltistan United Movement
Skardu Baltistan

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gilgit Baltistan: State agencies are involved in sectarian riots

KARACHI: 10 March 2009

Ideological terrorism is being promoted in Gilgit-Baltistan and if the students of the region do not rise to defend the ideological boundaries of the region and defeat those who are hatching conspiracies against the nation then we will lose everything. These views were expressed by Gilgit-Baltistan United Movement (GBUM) chairman Manzoor Hussain Parwana while speaking at a program organized by Balawaristan National Students Organization (BNSO) at the University of Karachi.
He said the history and culture of Gilgit-Baltistan was being distorted, adding America, Israel, Saudi Arab and India were not our enemies but our common
enemies were sectarianism, poverty, unemployment, favoritism, corruption and illiteracy. He said instead of chanting slogans in favour or against any country we should utilize all our resources for the development of our region.
Parwana alleged that government agencies were conspiring to pitch the people of Gilgit-Baltistan against each other on the basis of sectarianism. If the region is once again plunged into the sectarian warfare to complete the agenda of 1988, then the very survival of the region would be at danger, he warned. He said the people of Gilgit-Baltistan should realize the gravity of the situation and promote unity and brotherhood in their ranks to foil the designs of their enemies.
He said peace cannot be ensured in the region unless and until those behind the killing of innocent people in 2005 and conspirators behind the 1988 incident were hanged at the Shuhada Chowk publicly. These incidents should be probed by an independent organization like the UN to ascertain whether state machinery or some non-state elements were behind the spread of sectarian hatred and violence in Gilgit-Baltistan.
He said a delegation of nationalist parties would soon visit all parts of Gilgit-Baltistan to meet people from various walks of life and explore the possibilities of finding a lasting peace in the region because peace committees and jirgas formed by the state have always failed to achieve their objectives.

Issued by
Manzoor Hussain Parwana
Gilgit Baltistan United Movement

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gilgit Baltistan: Students asked to get ready for leadership

Karachi: 3rd March 2009

The students of Gilgit-Baltistan have enormous responsibilities on their shoulders and should therefore prepare themselves for the future as they have to take the reins of affairs of an independent state. These views were expressed by Manzur Hussain Parwana, chairman Gilgit-Baltistan United Moment while in a meeting with the elected cabinet of the central cabinet of Baltistan Students Federation (BSF) at Karachi.
He stressed on the students of Gilgit-Baltistan to take keen interest in their studies while also taking part in politics, adding politically mature students can be more fruitful for society. "The students of Gilgit-Baltistan should not think that they have to become a clerk or teacher after completion of their studies; instead they should look towards their future as president, prime minister, ambassador or army chief of an independent state," he declared
He said we believe in non-violence and will continue to fight for an independent state on the very foundations of non-violence. He said neither GBUM nor any other nationalist movement operating under the banner of GBDA had given guns to either students or its activists. "Unlike the political parties of Pakistan, we are of the opinion that it was the pen and the character of a person that win the hearts of people and we will stick to this philosophy as long as we run our movement," he added.
He urged the students to play their due role in eliminating hatred and sectarianism from the region and added that if the current scenario continued to dominate the atmosphere, a Swat-like situation can grip the region. He criticized the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly (NALA) and said despite the unanimous passing of a resolution regarding the new name of the region it had failed to implement it. It's a slap on the face of NALA; he observed and demanded of the house members to immediately resign as they have failed to fulfill their obligation. He also demanded that local languages should be included in the syllabus of educational institutions of the region besides a separate national curriculum should be created to preserve and promote the unique culture of the region.

Issued by
Manzoor Hussain Parwana
Chairman, Gilgit Baltistan United Movement