Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gilgit Baltistan leader arrested on connection with US official

13 August 2012

On the eve of Pakistan's independence day, August 14, Ghulam Shehzad Agha, an emerging political leader of Gilgit Baltistan, was arrested in Skardo. Agha is general secretary of Gilgit Baltistan United Movement, and has been vocal promoting the right of self determination for the occupied region. Recently, Agha had met US Embassy staffs in Gilgit and had discussed political situation in the region. Agha is the second person arrested after their meeting with US officials. Earlier, Lady Inspector of police, Madam Tahira, was suspended from her job after she offered a meal to the visiting US officials at her home in Gilgit. Chairperson of GBUM, Manzoor Parwana, in his press releae, has said that Agha has been detained since he was emerging as a joint candidate of the opposition parties for the next general election. He said, "While the Shia killers and other terrorists roam free in Gilgit Baltistan under state patronage, peaceful political activists like Agha are forced to spend life behind bars for talking about the rights of the natives". The opposition political parties of GB have decided to commemorate independence day of Pakistan as black day in the wake of this fresh arrest. Political parties including PML-N, BNF, GBUM, KNM, PYF and GBNC have condemned the arrest

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