Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Babajan Hunzai: Latest victim of Pakistani Brutality

Babajan Hunzai is chairperson of Progressive Youth Front of Pakistan occupied Gilgit-Baltistan and member of central executive committee of Pakistan Labor Party. He has remained in the forefront supporting the cause of thousands of neglected flood victims of Hunza who await financial assistance from the occupied regime. Given his popularity, secret service agencies framed him for sedition and tortured for three days, which has caused severe physical and psychological trauma.

According to a local journalist, Akbar Shah, the jail authorities have refused medical treatment to Babajan. His kidneys are severely affected due to beating. Other types of physical torture include forceful removal of toe and finger nails, and body hair, and repeated heavy blows on chest and stomach. The doctor who examined Babajan has recommended transferring him to Gilgit District Hospital but the police continue to resist the move. There are 34 other political and social activists who remain in custody of the police and security forces and face unabated torture and insults.

Meanwhile, several family members and relatives of Engineer Manzoor Parwana, who is the chairperson of Gilgit-Baltistan United Movement, have been suspended from their jobs. Manzoor has recently been released on bail after spending one month in Gilgit jail. He was charged for supporting the refugees who demand opening of the line of control and travel across into Indian Ladakh. The district deputy commissioner is using his influence on voters and family members of Parwana to pressure and discourage him from political activities.

Senge Sering

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