Monday, October 11, 2010

Gilgit Baltistan: Rights violations expose Pakistan's intentions

SKARDU: Harassment of common citizens and disregard to sanctity of house privacy during search operations in the Gilgit city by security forces has made it clear that Pakistani rulers are voluntarily leaving Gilgit-Balatistan and Islamabad does not need the region anymore. Because had the rulers needed the region they would not have let loose such type of terror in the region and the rulers would not have forgotten that the region was part of the Kashmir dispute and its status to be resolved under the UN resolutions.These views were expressed by Chairman Gilgit-Balatistan United Movement (GBUM) Mmanzoor Hussain Parwana in a press statement issued here.

He said terrorists were coming areas from where arms and ammunition were brought to the region and the terror elements were being patronized by those who are at the helms of affairs in Gilgit-Balatistan. In Gilgit-Baltistan neither produces arms and ammunition not any terrorists. Its people are considered the most civilized and peaceful in the whole world. The soil of the region is abode of peace but unfortunately outsider elements are destroying its tranquillity by pitting the local people against each other to gain their own interests.Mr Parwana said that Mr Raziuddin Rizvi, the member of GB Legislative Assembly and Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, has termed the situation in Gilgit-Baltistan even worse than the held Kashmir. This shows which direction Pakistani rulers are leading the region to.

He said the situation in Giglit-Baltistan cannot be compared with that in Balochistan as the latter is an integral part of Pakistan while Gilgit-Baltistan was neither its constitutional nor legal part of Pakistan but is under its administrative control on temporary basis. Therefore, Pakistani rulers should be careful and give an impression to the world through its acts that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan are happy under the temporary control of Islamabad.He said if human rights violations continued in Gilgit-Baltistan, a perception would develop that Pakistan's signing of international treaties on human rights was just a deceit.

He said that allegations against the security forces were not based on any hearsay, prejudice and hatred but had been proved. It is also a fact that security forces have failed to maintain peace in the region and even FC and Rangers have been involved in torturing citizens. If security forces who have been deployed to protect the life and property of the masses start harassing the very masses what would be the reaction of the people? Of course, they would demand their withdrawal, Mr Parwana added.

Manzoor Hussain Parwana



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