Friday, January 9, 2009

War is not allowed along with Gilgit Baltistan boarders.

“War is not the solution of the problem so Pakistan and India should stop thinking of defeating each other in the war field. We won’t allow any body to make our region a war field. If Pakistan and India try to make our region as battled field then we will compel to invite international community to intervene in the matter”. It was stated by Manzoor Hussain Parwana, Chairman Gilgit Baltistan United Movement addressing a press conference here at Skardu.

Parwana concerned that some peoples have been issuing statements to the local press that they will fight along with the armed forces. They do not know the distraction of the war. He demanded the government to stop emotional blackmailing of the astute mass of the region in the name of religion.
“We are neither part of India nor Pakistan so why should we give our lives for the mere fulfillment of the ill will agendas of either of the both: He added

He said the region can be brought in parallel with the developed nations of the world if the minerals and natural resources of the region are fully utilized.

“Gilgit Baltistan was blessed with natural gifts and if they are fully utilized they can bring an economic revolution the region”. He concluded.

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