Sunday, June 15, 2008

Skardu declaration of GBUM,15 June 2008


A pronounced gathering of the significant alliance of nationalist parties of Gilgit Baltistan Democratic Alliance was held on 15th June 2008, in Chowk Yaadgar-e-Shohda, Skardu – Baltistan. This public gathering was organized by the nationalist party i.e. Gilgit Baltistan United Movement. This public congregation unilaterally accepted and presented a combination of resolutions which has been named as “please pay attention – the World community”. The all public representative Gilgit Baltistan Democratic Alliance has appealed to United Nation (UN), European Union (EU), the civilized countries of the world and the whole community in general to focus their attention towards Gilgit Baltistan so as to help them out in achieving their just and basic human rights and political demands. These are:-

1. An Independent constitutional State assembly be formed for the people of Gilgit Baltistan .

2. Gilgit Baltistan’s real political identity be restored and the fraudulent Northern Areas terminology should be done away with.

3. All the land routes including animal transport and vehicular should be open between Gilgit Baltistan and the adjoining countries especially the historical route between Kargil and Skardu so that the divided families can meet each other.

4. All those non-local people who have procured lands and permanent residences in Gilgit Baltistan in clear violation of State Subject Rule should be enforced in true letter and spirit. Forces and Pakistani citizens withdrawal, according UNCIP resolution.

5. As per the suggestion of the President of Pakistan General (rtd) Musharraf, India must vacate Kargil and Laddakh and at the same time Pakistan should vacate its forces from Gilgit Baltistan.

6. The Pakistan’s colonial system of rule should end from Gilgit Baltistan and all non-local military and civilian bureaucracy should be send back to Islamabad and it should be replaced with the local people.

7. In Gilgit Baltistan, the official intelligence agencies of the Government of Pakistan should b stopped from interfering in public matters and the respect of Human Rights in these regions be ensured.

8. The special communication Organization (CO) and Frontier Work Organization (FWO) should be changed over with local, civil appropriate institutions and the local youth must get opportunities to their entire livelihood.

9. The false court cases against the nationalist persons of Gilgit Baltistan be finished. The ban on the monthly international magazine be lifted and the freedom of expression and security of journalist be ensured in this vital region.

10. Engineering university in Skardu, medical university in Chilas, IT university in Hunza and a technical university in Gackuch be established.

11. The various proposed big dams i.e. Diamer Basha dam, Bunji dam and Skardu dam be abandoned straightaway. Construction of Dams or any big change is not acceptable, unless the free will of the people is asked by impartial body like UN and all disputed issues are solved according to the will of the people.

12. In the context of the affairs of the private division company working on the Sadpara dam, it is demanded that this company reinstate the terminated local workers, and stop their revengeful attitude towards local labour and all injustices should be stopped.


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Khalid said...

World community and independent states? Sorry dear there is no world community and independent states. all states have their own interests led by their multinational companies. these countries always interfare with our country and peoples interest. we should stand all together for our nation and country development and take exit from fools paradise such as world community.