Friday, March 21, 2008

Political Parties of Gilgit Baltistan

Name of Nation or Country
Gilgit Baltistan (Balawaristan)

Nationalist Organizations and leadership

1- Balawaristan National Front (BNF)
a) Chairman -Abdul Hamid Khan
b) Chief Organizer -Muhammad Rafique
c) D.Chief Organizer -Syed Hyder Shah Rizvi
d) Spokesman -Safdar Ali

2. Gilgit Baltistan United Movement (GBUM)
a) Chairman- Manzoor Hussain Parwana
b) Secretary General -Ghulam Shehzad Agha
c) Vice President -Colonel Nadir Hassan

3- Karakoram National Movement (KNM)
a) Chairman – Muhammad Iqbal Advocate
b) Vice Chairman –Amjad Ali Changezi
c) Spokesman –Mumtaz Nagri Advocate

4- Boloristan Labor Party (BLP)
a) Chairman – Advocate Ehsan Ali
b) President –Baba Jan Hunzai

5- Gilgit Baltistan Ladakh Democratic Movement (GBLDM)
a) President –Sher Ali Ladakhi
b) Vice President –Habib Balti
c) General Secretary – S. Ali Abu Turab

6- Bolor Research Forum (BRF)
a) Chairman – Engineer Amanullah Khan
b) Vice Chairman – Advocate Sultan Madad

Gilgit Baltistan Democratic Alliance (GBDA)
GBDA is an umbrella organization representing
above six nationalists political parties.

a) Chairman. Ghulam Shehzad Agha
b) Senior Vice Chairman- Advocate Ehsan Ali
c) Voice Chairman-Dr. Amjad Chengazi
d) General Secretary- Burhanullah
e) Joint Secretary- Baba Jan Hunzai
f) Press Secretary -Engineer Akbar Khan

(Kargil News Network: updated 1st March 2008)

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sali said...

Respectable Manzoor parwana sahib.

Greetings from shafqat.Hope that you are fine .Brother you are one our young leader who scarify his whole life for the nationalism of Balawaristan.Brother in yours above statement you mention some political parties and leaders of nationalist parties.All the names are hounarable for me but you missed the lot of the names of political forces and name of the leaders.There are lot of other leaders they spent there whole lifes but you ignored them. Please mention the name thanks and keep it up .you are doing very well.
Jeay balawaristan